Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Worked with the Slash

  Stayed up late last night working on the Slash.  I read adding heavy weight diff grease into the differential would create a limited slip differential.  Being a two wheel drive basher I figured the traction control would help.  I started the project relatively early and taking things apart seemed to take forever.  Once I had the grease in putting it back together went fast. 
  The next day we had it all together I took it into the studio with Lexie for a parking lot test run.  Her first bash into the snow bank created a high pitched scream from the tranny.  After a few attempts and a little aggravation I got the motor screws and pinion tightened enough to hold.  Pictures are from the test run.  Everything is holding together well and I hope Lexie and I get a nice to drive again soon!

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