Thursday, January 26, 2012

 Our first real break!  Lexie one to many jumps, shock shaft bent, shock cap broken. 
 Her and couldn't make the same corner.  Apple doesn't fall far?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Worked with the Slash

  Stayed up late last night working on the Slash.  I read adding heavy weight diff grease into the differential would create a limited slip differential.  Being a two wheel drive basher I figured the traction control would help.  I started the project relatively early and taking things apart seemed to take forever.  Once I had the grease in putting it back together went fast. 
  The next day we had it all together I took it into the studio with Lexie for a parking lot test run.  Her first bash into the snow bank created a high pitched scream from the tranny.  After a few attempts and a little aggravation I got the motor screws and pinion tightened enough to hold.  Pictures are from the test run.  Everything is holding together well and I hope Lexie and I get a nice to drive again soon!

Test run!

Slash after a backyard mud run.
Proline Caliber M3.  Not a great tire for this kind of bash.
Proline Badlands.  Very good traction.

Monday, January 9, 2012


This is the Traxxas Slash R/C car.  Lexie got a dad and me to do together gift.  We've taken it to the local park and bashed it pretty hard.  We upgraded the radio to the 2.4ghz almost out of the box.  Also, didn't really break in the motor very good.  So, within two hours of run time the motor burned up.
 Freshly installed the HPI Firebolt at the same time I replaced the stock rims and tires with Proline wheels and rugged Badland tires on the back.  I'm hoping since we just run this through grass and mud the added tread will gives us the ability to run a little harder!